Within the construction and landscaping sector the use of geotextiles has become fundamental in solving an increasingly diverse range of global geotechnical and environmental problems.

Standard geotextiles enhance the performance and design life of granular layers by providing the filtration and separation functions.

Typical uses for standard geotextiles include ground stabilisation (between the sub-base and subgrade) and around drainage materials.



2m Wide Geotextile - 50m Roll, Black Woven and non Woven Fabric for laying under chippings to prevent the growth of weeds up through


Reinforcement Mesh

Steel plays a big part in the civils and groundwork's industry, that's why we make sure every need, is met when supplying any steel products from price to prompt delivery.


Gas Membranes

The purpose of gas membrane is to provide a low permeability barrier to stop gases from entering into newly constructed buildings built on land where there is a risk from contamination.

We can supply high performance membranes for resisting methane, radon and C02 for basements and structures. These are designed to protect buildings and their occupants from the effects of harmful gasses.