Precast concrete kerbs, channels and edgings are used wherever a pavement edge restraint or drainage channel is required, including:

Pedestrian areas
Domestic drives
Public, private & commercial footways
School playgrounds
Pedestrian/vehicular precincts and driveways
Industrial pavements


Precast concrete kerbs are specifically used in heavily trafficked areas to provide extra strength to the edge of the carriageway. They also:

Prevent vegetation encroaching onto the road
Act as a demarcation line between road and footway
Deter traffic from mounting the footway
Provide a barrier to divert water runoff into the gullies
Prevent the surfacing materials on the road from spreading under load

We can supply kerbs in bull-nosed, splayed and half-battered sections including a selection of necessary fitments. We are also able to supply tapers, crossing kerbs, channels & edgings, along with a range of radius kerbs from one to twelve metres.