Water Management

With the growth of urban development's and increased rainfall from changes in the climate, inadequate storm water controls have placed renewed emphasis on the need for adequate and sustainable storm water management.

Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SUDS) are a sequence of water management practices and facilities designed to drain surface water in a manner that will provide a more sustainable approach than the conventional practice of routing run-off through a pipe to a watercourse.

DBM Civils can offer a range of SUDS which can achieve the reduction and control of flood risks and minimize pollution through the inclusion of the following:-


Collection Above ground drainage
Linear drainage
Porous paving systems
Slot drain systems
Upvc land drainage
Kerb drainage
Oil separators
Bypass separators
Pumping stations
Treatment plants
Modular crate systems
Large diameter plastic pipes
Elliptical and ovoid concrete pipes
Box culverts
Large diameter concrete pipes
Geotextiles and membranes
Rainwater harvesting systems
Grey-water recycling
Garden irrigation solutions